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Our Universal Life Insurance with Cash Back option,  will Return 100% of your money when you outlive your policy.
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What will happen to the future of your loved ones if ,

you pass away tomorrow. LIFE IS UNPREDICTABLE.

Give your family a piece of mind, with our

Universal Life Insurance with cash back option.

                              Here is an Example:

You are 37 years of age, Non Nicotine, purchase a $250,000 policy,

with Cash Back option. The monthly premium is as followings:
20 years..............$206.46

25 years............. $161.04

30 years..............$145.42

Lets assume, you choose the 25 years term.

If ,GOD FORBID, you pass away, your family gets paid:

Face Amount --------$250,000

Accidental Death....$312,500

Common Carrier death, fare paying (like bus, train and plane) death  $375,000.

and if, you don't pass away and outlive your policy ,

we will RETURN 100% of your premium,less any outstanding loans.

  25 years x 12 months x 161.04 =$48,312  will be returned to you.

This is Like a savings account with Insurance benefits.